Positive Behaviour for Learning


2016 is the year of the launch of the Positive Behaviour for Learning programme that the College has been working towards over the last two years.

At the Leadership Mass, Mrs Ryan announced the ‘STAR’ values which have been developed in consultation with the College community.

S – Strive to Succeed

T – Take the Challenge

A – Ako in Action

R – Respect our Values

A key philosophy of this programme is to reward students who are displaying these positive behaviours and to encourage others to do the same. The values will be taught to students throughout the year and therefore it sets out clear expectations for all St Mary’s students.

The programme is school wide and therefore incorporates all of the St Mary’s College community. Students carry small ‘coffee stamp’ cards and the staff stamp these when they see a value being demonstrated by that student. The cards are collected in to a box at Reception and then these are calculated for each student. Badges are awarded for the different levels of cards collected. Each card completed then also goes into the draw to win vouchers drawn out twice a term in Assemblies.