Board of Trustees

St Mary’s College had 4 nominations for the 5 elected Parent Representatives on the Board of Trustees,  therefore it is not necessary for an election to take place.

The new Board of Trustees will decide whether to co-opt any further members.

There was only one nomination for the Staff Representative on the Board of Trustees, so Mrs Genevieve Herder remains the Staff Representative for the next year.

The members of the new Board of Trustees are:

Stephen Corkill                 Parent Representative
Luana Penese                  Parent Representative
Mark Ross                        Parent Representative
Joyce Scanlan                  Parent Representative

Sister Natalie Murphy       Proprietor Representative
Kathy Sharpe                   Proprietor Representative

Mrs Catherine Ryan         Principal

Mrs Genevieve Herder     Staff Representative

Justine Lim-Ranola          Student Representative, until later in the year when the students have a vote on this position.