Year 9 & Year 10 Speech Competition

In the last week of term one, the English Department held both the Year 9 and Year 10 Speech Competitions. Two representatives from each form class were selected to perform their speeches in front of their peers in the school hall. The speakers were entertaining, enlightening and persuasive; the topic choices were carefully considered by the presenters and thoroughly engaged the appreciative audience.

The topics were original and varied ranging from gender roles and stereotypes to why chocolate is better than a boyfriend.

All the students who performed on the day should be extremely proud of themselves.

Congratulations to the winners for 2016:

Year 10

  1. Jessica Reiher (10CI)
  2. Samantha Samaniego (10MH)
  3. Melissa Ready (10KA)
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Melissa Ready, Jessica Reiher and Samantha Samaniego

Year 9

  1. Catherine Ramoo (9MY)
  2. Tukasi Paongo (9GB)
  3. Valini Vaka (9HG)

Alice Tinawi (Year 13 adjudicator), Valini Vaka, Catherine Ramoo, Tukasi Paongo and Kristen Fernandez (Year 13 MC)