Our 2016 Language Perfect Champions

Félicitations! Bravo! Omedetou! to the following senior and junior students who accredited themselves very favourably in the recent Language Perfect World championships:

Note: Elite award winners scored -10,000+points, Gold – 3,000+ points, Silver – 2,000+ points, Credit – 500+ points

Phoenix Dingle Y10 German, Japanese – Elite award, 2 nd in NZ

Stephanie Chan Y11 French and German -Elite award

Jessica Lee Y12 French –Gold award

Kyla Dosdos Y11 Japanese–Gold award

Samantha Samaniego Y11 Japanese –Gold award

Zita Keller Y11 German- Silver award

Sophie De Gregorio Y11 German – Bronze award

Justine Lim-Ranola Y12 French- Bronze award

Jennifer Ong Y11- Credit award

Junior Language Perfect champions 2016

Aria Ngarimu Y10 French –Silver award

Catherine Donnelly Y10 Japanese – Bronze award

Shaylen Mamidi, Robyn Rabino Y 10 Japanese- Credit awards

Senior champion Jessica Lee commented on why she enjoys using Language Perfect saying:

“I like using language perfect because it’s an easy and fun way for me to revise my new vocab and also go back over older vocab. The competition is fun and I enjoyed it because it let me set a goal of how much I wanted to achieve and I could work towards it and achieve my goal.”