Manon et Pauline – Au revoir et à bientôt!

Kristen Fernandez (Y13) and Emily Jenner (Y12) French have thoroughly enjoyed hosting students Manon Paulais and Pauline Vielet from our French sister school the Lycée Guez de Balzac located in Angoulême for the past 6 weeks. Before leaving St Mary’s, Manon and Pauline described some of their experiences:

We spent a wonderful time here with all of you girls, you have really nice teachers and an amazing college quite different from ours. The roll at Guez is nearly 1200. We have a canteen and our timetable is different every day. On some days, we start at 8am and there are days when we finish school at 6pm. We don’t wear a uniform and Guez is co-ed.

There are a lot of differences between France and New Zealand which is really amazing. The landscape is very beautiful. You Kiwis are so nice and friendly. Now we have two families: our French families and our Kiwi families. Thank you for everything, we love New Zealand.  We have spent the best holidays of our life, we’ll never forget you. Bisous la miff!