Australian Maths Competition

33 of our students across the College sat  the  Australian  Maths Competition  in  August.  The following girls gained a distinction which indicates they are solving problems at a very high level: Gina Dao-McLay, Lauren Mitchell, Eleanor Paxie, Bobo Wood, Magdalena Allen, Samantha Samaniego, Aria Ngarimu, Jessica Reiher, Sarah Downs, Stephanie Chan. These girls gained a Credit which is also very impressive: Rachel Rubite, Angeline Chew, Jodie Maquez, Xyryll Gagagoy, Anaiya Ahola, Emma Bahkos, Catherine Donnelly, Miriam Lindsay, Maria Cramp, Magaret Lilley, Min Xin Lee, Lillian Woodbury, Elena Heffernan, Zita Keller, Olivia Paxie.

Congratulations to all of our students who took part in this challenging  competition. Well done girls, this was a great effort.

Mrs Charmaine Izaz
HOD Mathematics