Happy Mercy Day!

Happy Mercy Day!

In Mercy, we touch the hearts of those who are in misery

In Mercy we are touched by them and feel their strength and courage

In Mercy we heal the pain of those who are in sorrow

In Mercy we are healed by them and we see the face of hope

The beautiful words of this song, The Circle of Mercy, which has become the song that unites Mercy work internationally, are fitting words to reflect on this very special day for St Mary’s College as we celebrate together the essence of who we are a community. Today we celebrate our Mercy College, our Mercy community and we join in spirit with our sister schools throughout New Zealand – Villa Maria College in Christchurch; St Catherine’s College in Wellington; Carmel College, St Mary’s College Ponsonby and McAuley College in Auckland. As we do so, let us acknowledge all those who are the reason for why we exist in the first place – the poor, the sick, the homeless, the powerless ones, particularly women and children, those with little voice of their own – theirs is a presence within and alongside of us today – a powerful presence whose call we must continue to respond to, to reach out in service to. As we celebrate together this day let us always remember that we are called to be aroha in action to one another and to those whose voices we hear in our hearts.

I wish you all a very happy Mercy day and hope that the holiday time will be a time for families to spend some special time together.