St Mary’s College Staff Knitters

As winter wrapped its icy tentacles around Wellington, a group of staff from St Mary’s College, Wellington decided to knit blankets for the Wellington Women’s Refuge. Peggy squares were contributed from more than 20 staff, including daily relievers, first time knitters, old hands, spouses and even one male. For many, it was a nostalgic journey as we reflected on childhoods full of hand knitted garments and the leftover wool going into blankets. Some of the knitting was done at home but a companionable group gathered at lunchtimes in the staffroom to knit and it was a welcome break from “screen time”!

Towards the end, there was even a sense of competition as knitters strove to present stripier, and more colourful squares. It was a pleasure to do this project for a wonderful organisation and we hope it will become an annual event in our college.

Ms Jennie McInnes