Deconstruction of 61 Molesworth Street

The building at 61 Molesworth Street suffered significant damage in last week’s 7.8 magnitude earthquake.

Visual inspection by specialist engineers, including USAR engineers, established the building was a risk of collapse in another earthquake or large aftershock.

As a result, the building is going to be deconstructed.

There has been a cordon around the building and this will continue.

CERES is the demolition company that has been contracted to undertake the work. They have undertaken a significant number of deconstructions following the Christchurch earthquakes.

The council and the building’s owner have identified that there is asbestos in the building.

Wellington City Council and CERES know exactly where the asbestos is located in the building.

They have a management plan for the disposal of the building materials including the asbestos. The plan has been approved by the appropriate authorities.

As the demolition takes place, water will constantly be sprayed on the building to help contain dust from building materials, including asbestos.

The level of asbestos dust will be constantly monitored at a number of places around the site and if it becomes too high, deconstruction work will be stopped immediately.

At all times water will spray on the building material. This will happen until all the material is removed from the site.

All material from the building will be moved in covered trucks and disposed of at the Southern Landfill.

Wellington City Council
Communications Department