Dear Parents/Caregivers/Students,

VENUE:          Newtown Park

DATE:             Monday 20  February, 2017

START:           8:50 am Te Wa AKO Roll taken
9:00 am Athletics Sports begin
3:00 pm Athletics Sports day ends approximately


  1. All girls are to be present as it is a normal school day.
  2. Students must go directly to the park and remain at the park all day. No student from any level is to leave the grounds. Staff will be in attendance on the gates all day.
  3. Cancellations on The Breeze (94.1) from 6:45am onwards.
  4. Tracksuits or mufti (in house colours) may be worn to the park.
  5. Additional items that are needed are warm clothing, sunblock, hat and personal medication.
  6. Bring lunch and drinks with you (no glass bottles). No student will be allowed to leave the grounds to purchase lunch or drinks.
  7. Only necessary valuables should be brought on the day. Each student is responsible for her own belongings. Check that all items have your full name on them.
  8. No student is allowed in the centre of the grounds. When not competing, please stay in your house groups in the stands, in the shade.
  9. Each house is responsible for clean up. Put rubbish in the bins provided throughout the day. Dismissal will not be granted until the grounds are clean.
  10. Transport – It is best that parents carpool students to Newtown Park as bus services are limited. The Newtown Park bus (No. 10 – Stop B) leaves from the Railway station at 7:40am, 8am and 8:25am. The 8:25am bus is the last bus to leave ensuring arrival on time to Newtown Park. Please make the necessary arrangements so you are on time. Additionally the Mairangi Bus (No.23 – Stop J by Kirkcaldie and Stains) can be caught on Lambton Quay at 7:35am, 8:08am and 8:23am. This bus also stops near Newtown Park and students will need to walk up to the park. Alternatively it is economical for a group of students to hire a pre-ordered shuttle to take them to Newtown Park from the Railway Station. Students will be expected to catch public transport home from Newtown Park and may be released earlier than 3pm.



Theresa                Orange
Catherine              Sky
Anne                     Violet
Joan                      Scarlet
Bernadette            Dark green
Maria                    Gold

If you are placed in the first two in your final, you may be considered for the St. Mary’s College team for the Intercollegiate Athletics Sports team. The team will be announced the week following our athletics sports day.


Rhonda Turner
HOD Physical Education