Soul Programme For Young Women…

. . . is a very new charity that runs programmes for teenage girls, that helps to grow their self-confidence as well as realising their potential and what they have to offer the world once they put limitations aside. It is their mission to replace prejudice and discrimination with unconditional love and respect.

Girls from all different backgrounds are encouraged to join – it is very much a “judgment-free” zone. The groups are made up of 10 girls, and they meet fortnightly on a Sunday afternoon at the Preservatorium Café – 39 Webb Street, Wellington 2 -4.30pm.

During a SOULcircle, girls are encouraged to put aside any barriers (those from themselves or perceived from others) and engage in fun activities, share positive stories and as a group, devise and rehearse a dance/performance. A bountiful afternoon tea is provided and it is generally over this time that the girls cement really strong friendships with the others.

The programmes are subsidised, however there is a small cost of $4 per session per girl involved. This is payable in advance of the start of each term. If this is an issue at all for anyone, scholarships available.

The start date is Wellington is 12th March, and then the 26th March and 2nd April before term 2 sessions begin.

For more information, see Mrs Dodunski (Guidance Counsellor)

Mrs Dodunski
Guidance Counsellor