Musicians at Parliament

I was a very proud music teacher on Wednesday 3 May 2017 when I took a group of girls to Parliament to perform in an Official Ceremony Honouring the Top Scholars.

Originally the Prime Minister was expected, then the Deputy Prime Minister, however we were told they were busy making a “big announcement”, and we instead had MP, Nikki Kaye in her first day as Education Minister.


Leu Ulu and Adah Setefano sang, Olivia Karavias on drums, Kim Wheaton on bass and Anna Ng on piano.


The girls performed for 25 minutes before the ceremony, then performed as a band in the middle of the ceremony, and I got the privilege of accompanying the National Anthem at the end. It certainly felt a bit different playing it in Parliament!

The girls did an impressive job in an extremely formal situation. It was an excellent example of “Ako in Action” as I think their trust in each other meant that even I couldn’t tell they were nervous when they performed.

Emina Steedman
HOD Music