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Stage Challenge

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The Stage Challenge experience is more than spending five months creating an eight-minute story to produce on stage. Stage Challenge is the experience of performing with family; a family who represent their school and community with pride and passion. Stage Challenge is about giving students the opportunity to learn and grow as young leaders and performers, bonded with school spirit.

St Mary’s has participated in Stage Challenge for many years and it is no secret why. Stage Challenge is a fully student-led production covering all aspects of production from choreography and set design, to costume and lighting.  As an extra-curricular activity, Stage Challenge brings students together from across all year levels as they unite in group rehearsals and team bonding sessions. With a cast of over 100 students in various roles, Stage Challenge is a big part of student life at St Mary’s and is both challenging and rewarding.

Through participation in Stage Challenge, leadership skills are developed and students are taught how to coordinate different components of a production simultaneously. Stage Challenge creates friendships and tests student determination and commitment to a project. But most importantly, Stage Challenge gives students the opportunity to showcase their gifts and talents and have the time of their lives in doing so.

Livvy Mitchell, Head Girl 2014

St Mary’s will be participating in Stage Challenge in 2016.