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8 Feb

Music Lessons 2018

Here at SMC, we have some great itinerant music teachers who teach a wide range of instruments.  High school is the ideal time to continue learning or start a new instrument.  Music and learning an instrument enhances confidence, self discipline, concentration, creativity, and presentation skills.  It is also a great way to get involved, make new friends and is an excellent recreational activity.

 All lessons are held in the Music Department and run during the school day.  Priority is given to music option students, students who have been learning previously, and Y9 students, however, students of all year levels are encouraged to give it a try.  We also run a range of extracurricular music groups which will be starting up in the first few weeks of term.

 For Y9, click here for more information and the lesson try out form:

For Y10 – 13 click here:

For more information come to the Music room or email

Emina Steedman
HOD Music

1 Jun
24 May

Stage Challenge Tickets

If you are interested in going to Stage Challenge next week, below is the link to buy tickets. There are no sales through schools this year

If anyone is interested/available to come out and support the girls, that will be appreciated. Stage Challenge is one night only this year.
Mr Hurley
HOD Social Sciences
9 May

Musicians at Parliament

I was a very proud music teacher on Wednesday 3 May 2017 when I took a group of girls to Parliament to perform in an Official Ceremony Honouring the Top Scholars.

Originally the Prime Minister was expected, then the Deputy Prime Minister, however we were told they were busy making a “big announcement”, and we instead had MP, Nikki Kaye in her first day as Education Minister.


Leu Ulu and Adah Setefano sang, Olivia Karavias on drums, Kim Wheaton on bass and Anna Ng on piano.


The girls performed for 25 minutes before the ceremony, then performed as a band in the middle of the ceremony, and I got the privilege of accompanying the National Anthem at the end. It certainly felt a bit different playing it in Parliament!

The girls did an impressive job in an extremely formal situation. It was an excellent example of “Ako in Action” as I think their trust in each other meant that even I couldn’t tell they were nervous when they performed.

Emina Steedman
HOD Music

2 Mar

Art History Fieldtrip

The first Art History Fieldtrip took place on the afternoon of Wednesday, February 22nd. The Cindy Sherman Exhibition was an international exhibition of this very well known contemporary photographer.  At the City Gallery, Helen Lloyd conducted a really interesting and challenging tour for the students.
Ms Waldren
Art History Department
13 Feb

Music lessons and music groups for 2017

These links let you sign up to all the SMC Music activities.  Some student led groups you can also join by just turning up (Prima choir and Uke group for example).
Music lesson forms and Schola need to be in by next Monday 20th Feb.  After this date, come and see Miss Steedman first.   These are NOT parent permission forms – that will happen once you have a confirmed lesson space.
Group sign ups don’t have a set time limit.
Please email or come to the music room if you have any questions.
Music Lessons:
Choir (the auditioned one:)
Miss Steedman
HOD Music
8 Sep
8 Sep

Arts & Cultural Concert

There is an Arts & Cultural concert to be held in the school Hall at 6pm tonight.  All are welcome to attend.  Please bring a Gold Coin donation for Women’s Refuge.  There will be performances from Prima, Scholar, Irish dancers, solo singers, ukulele club, guitar ensemble, orchestra and more.  Approximate running time 1.5hrs.