2018 Student Leadership Team

Student Leadership Team 2018

Head Girl:  Lynette Sosefo

Nisa Bula Vinaka and Noa’ia e Mauri
My name is Lynette Sosefo and it is my honour & privilege to be Head Girl for St Mary’s College. My role this year is to lead St Mary’s with pride and loyalty and to help showcase our sisterhood and all the amazing talent we have within our school. St Mary’s is so unique and diverse, and my goal this year is to build relationships as well as uniting my sisters together as we show our theme of UNITY through RESPECT, DIVERSITY, SERVICE and LOVE. I am a 16 going on 17 year old girl from the beautiful islands of Fiji, with the ethnicity of Rotuman Culture. I come from a very strong family and faith based background and without all the love and support from my parents, 2 older brothers, and family I wouldn’t be where I am today. My Faith is something I keep close to my heart and growing up I have been taught to always put God at the centre of everything and to let all of his blessings fall into place. It’s undeniable that my Faith and Family have taught me Values that I will take with me during this role. I am looking forward to leading my school this year and seeing what 2018 has in store for me and my sisters and all the many opportunities that will come our way.



Deputy Head Girl – Special Character: Caitlin Ramoo

Hi, my name is Caitlin Ramoo, and I am privileged to be the Deputy Head Girl of Special Character for 2018. I am so grateful for this opportunity and I am looking forward to the work ahead for this year.

I was born in East London, South Africa and I moved to New Zealand with my younger sister and parents at the age of 8. I went to St Benedict’s Primary school in Khandallah and we are part of St Benedict’s parish.  My parents have been active members of our parish, in both South Africa and in New Zealand. This is something that I admire and something which I hope I can continue as I get older. From altar serving to, helping to count the money and sending out parish newsletters, I have been following in their footsteps from a young age. From this I have a found a great love for attending mass and being part of a faith community and this is something which I love to share with the school. I hope to do this by helping to make sure that everyone is welcome in the mass and part of our liturgies. I hope to do this through readers in mass, altar servers and through the songs we sing.

I am looking forward to enhancing the Special Character of our school and upholding our Mercy values this year.



Deputy Head Girl – Level Leaders:  Ebony Hodge

Kia Ora,

My name is Ebony Hodge and I am privileged to serve as your Deputy Head Girl Level Leaders for 2018. I am the eldest of 3 children, and we, along with my parents live in Johnsonville. Before coming to St Mary’s College, I attended St. Benedict’s primary school until year 6, and then Raroa Normal Intermediate School for years 7 and 8.

As Deputy Head Girl Level Leaders, I work with a team of 10 Level Leaders that are assigned to each year group. We take care of the wellbeing of students and organise events throughout the year such as junior dances for Years 9 and 10, the formal for Year 13, and also Mercy and Wisdom day.

In my role this year, I want to encourage better relationships within the school, student to student, teacher to teacher, and student to teacher as well. This ties into our theme of unity for the year, because I believe in order to have a functioning school we need to work as one and agree to work on where we fall short together.



Deputy Head Girl – Cultural: Laina Semu

Hi, my name is Laina Semu and it is my privilege to be the Deputy Head Girl Cultural for 2018. I am truly blessed to have this opportunity and I can’t wait to see what God has planned for me this year.

I am of Samoan descent and live in Miramar. I live with my grandparents, my mum, and my 2 younger brothers who are both in college. I also go to EFKS church in Newtown.

My job in the leadership team is to promote cultural diversity throughout the school. We need to celebrate all the new cultures the students bring to this school and I believe it will be a good way to bring us all together. The qualities I will bring forward this year are passion and perseverance. My goal is to be the best leader I can be and to be a good role model to all the students at St Mary’s. I am looking forward to meeting all the new faces around the school and I can’t wait to see what God has planned for all of us this year.



Deputy Head Girl – Arts: Zoe Simpson

Kia Ora,

My name is Zoe Simpson and I’m Deputy Head Girl Arts for 2018. I am the youngest of two and my family and I live in Seatoun. I feel incredibly privileged to be in this position and am looking forward to putting in my best efforts in making 2018 a positive, exciting and successful year for all St Mary’s girls.

I am extremely passionate about the arts and have been heavily involved in school productions, choirs, music groups, O’Shea Shield, Stage Challenge and more. My main goal is to give the arts at St Mary’s a huge boost and to put us right back on the map; becoming known for our strength in the arts. I aim to involve as many girls as I can, even those who haven’t shown a big interest in arts before. I want to create a great support network for those girls who absolutely love arts, providing opportunities for them to showcase their talents in either drama, dance, music, visual art, writing or languages. I want to see as much support for these talented girls at our school that is shown to our sports superstars.

I can’t wait to work with such a beautiful group of girls in the Leadership Team and to see what this year has in store for us. I hope to contribute to a positive and enthusiastic environment at St Mary’s and I think our theme of Unity is a brilliant way to ensure this. My favourite part of being a St Mary’s girl is the sense of belonging I feel here, and the fact that I genuinely consider each student a sister. I think this theme will foster healthy and uplifting relationships, strengthening the spirit of our school. It will encourage us to utilise our diversity and work together, because united, we are powerful and have the ability to do anything.

I’m excited to make my last year memorable and to make as many new friendships with students across all year groups as I can.



Deputy Head Girl – Sports: Ainsleyana Puleiata

Talofa, ki orana and Ki Ora. I bring you all warm Pacific greetings.

My name is Ainsleyana Puleiata and I am privileged to be your 2018 Deputy Head of Sport. I am the eldest of three children and have two younger brothers aged 16 and 10 months. Before attending St Mary’s College I attended Windley School which is a small local primary school in Porirua.

As Deputy Head Girl of Sports, I have the role of working  with a team of 19 co-captains from each of our sporting codes.   Our team supports each sporting code at St Mary’s College.  Our aim for 2018 is to provide support and encouragement for all students involved in sport.

My goal for this year is to promote our sporting excellence and encourage all students to give it a go. I am look forward to working alongside my fellow sisters in the SMC Leadership group and am hoping we make 2018 a year to remember.

I can’t wait to see what the Lord has in store for us all. Stay blessed and stay safe.



Deputy Head Girl – House: Bea Jayme

Hi, my name is Bea Jayme and I am honoured to be the first ever Deputy Head Girl House for SMC. Created just last year, this role is brand new and focuses on strengthening House Spirit throughout the school. A strong, competitive house system enables St Mary’s College girls to bond together as a strong family with house competitions giving each student the opportunity to showcase their talents and represent their House. As Deputy Head Girl House, my goal this year is to get girls passionate and excited to participate in school events and to create a sense of unity and belonging through an improved House System.