St Mary's College

Attendance Dues & Donations 2018


Parent Voluntary Donation payable to St Mary’s College Board of Trustees  $535

This donation plays a significant part of funding the operating costs of the College.  Government funding only meets some of the expenses.  Your voluntary donation is used by the Board of Trustees for expenditure such as learning resources and information technology needed to ensure the on-going quality of learning and teaching at St Mary’s College.
This voluntary donation qualifies for a tax credit.

Other Expenses
College Magazine $35  (optional)
Sports Administration Fee $30  (Extra-Curricular – Sports Participants only)
Student ID Card $10 per student



Parent Donation payable to St Mary’s College Wellington Ltd (Proprietor’s Board)  $220

In late 2012, the College’s land and buildings became owned by St Mary’s College Wellington Ltd, as the Proprietor, which in turn is owned by the Sisters of Mercy, who established the school over 150 years ago. The Board of the Proprietor is responsible for development of the College buildings and facilities as well as ensuring that our Special Character is maintained.

As our College now has its own Board of Proprietors, there is a more direct application of capital funds for the benefit of St Mary’s than was previously the case.

Recent examples include the replacement of the Gabriel Hall roof, the gym refurbishment and various earthquake strengthening works. The Board of Proprietors is developing a long term capital development plan and your contribution will help fund further improvements to our College facilities for the benefit of your daughter.

This donation qualifies for a tax credit.


3. ATTENDANCE DUES: $995.00 (2018) Subject to change.

Attendance Dues are required to be paid under the terms of the Integration Act and are determined from time to time by the Catholic Schools Board and approved by the Minister of Education. Dues go into a Diocesan Common Fund together with Attendance Dues from over 80 other schools and are used primarily to service historical debt incurred to bring all Catholic schools up to standard at the time of integration many years ago, as well as funding new schools.

The Archdiocese of Wellington will separately invoice you for Attendance Dues.