St Mary's College


At St Mary’s College We Expect the Following from Our Students:

1.  That students are co-operative and keep on task in class.

2.  Students are not expected to call out in class, or, in any other way, disrupt the learning of other students.

3.  That students treat staff members, and each other, with respect and consideration.

4.  That homework is completed and students take responsibility to develop good study habits, which will enable them to take responsibility for their own learning.

5.  That students act responsibly when travelling between home and school and vice versa.

6.  That uniform is worn correctly at all times.

7.  Whenever students are representing the College they are expected to be excellent ambassadors.


Characteristics of a Mercy Education

A Mercy College Education

1.  Cultivates in young women a respect for self, others, and the earth.

2.  Develops a sense of social justice in the spirit of the Gospel and of te Tiriti o Waitangi.

3.  Promotes a concern for and willingness to reach out to those in need.

4.  Fosters a commitment to service.

5. Encourages the development of strong, confident Christian women, who have a life-giving affiliation with the Mercy tradition and values and particular love of Our Lady of Mercy.


Mercy Colleges

1.  Touch the lives of students, their families, staff, local communities, and the wider Catholic Church.

2.  Aim to offer spiritual; formation and pastoral care according to Gospel values, Catholic tradition, and Mercy Charism.

3.  Achieve standards of excellence and provide a pathway to a wide range of educational and vocational opportunities.

4.  Empower, enable, and affirm the development of the whole person, encouraging each young woman to realise her full potential.

5.  Offer clear guidelines for acceptable behaviour and sound discipline.

6.  Provide an environment that affirms the Gospel and family values, where girls are exposed to good role models.

7.  Celebrate uniqueness and diversity while recognising the special place of tangata whenua o Aotearoa.

8.  Encourage participation and leadership at all levels.