St Mary's College

Enrolment Information

St Mary’s College is not zoned.  Applications for 2018 have closed.


Preference Enrolments

We accept Catholic students with a Preference Certificate signed by a Parish Priest, or a Lay Pastoral Leader from your Parish.

A decision will be made on the availability of a place for your daughter at St Mary’s College by the end of Term 3. You will receive a letter notifying you of this.


Non-Preference Enrolments

If your daughter is not eligible for a Preference Certificate you can apply for a Non-Preference place. Vacancies in this area are limited and subject to the demand from Preference students.
Non-Preference places are selected by ballot by the Board of Trustees.  Parents will be notified by letter of the outcome of the ballot.


All Applicants

All Preference applicants will be interviewed by a member of the Senior Management Team. Details about these appointments will be emailed out on 6 July 2017.

Applications for enrolment are made by completing the official Application Form, Attendance Dues Agreement and where applicable, (if your daughter is a Preference Application), the Preference Certificate.  These documents are available to be downloaded below.

At the time of application, please also provide a copy of your daughter’s New Zealand passport or birth certificate, and her latest school report to complete the application process.  These can be emailed to or posted to the College.

We look forward to receiving your daughter’s application.  Please submit the following forms and information to complete your application:

Applications for 2018 have closed. 

Preference Certificate

Attendance Dues Form

Birth Certificate or Passport

Latest School Report


Applications close on Monday 3 July at 4pm.


Postal address:

Office Administrator
St Mary’s College
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