St Mary's College


New school uniforms can be purchased from NZ Uniforms.  Second hand uniforms are usually available on Trademe.  The PTFA currently have a limited number of donated 2nd hand uniform items to sell as part of fundraising efforts for the school community.
Please contact the PTFA at:

If you wish to set up a payment plan, please sign up to the Uniform Club.  This can also be done in store at 167 Thorndon Quay, Pipitea, Wellington 6011.

The shop is open Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm and Saturday 9am – 1pm.
Phone: 04 238 4727.


Uniform Policy

The Uniform Policy authorised by the Board of Trustees requires that the following Uniform Code be followed:

Summer Uniform:
Summer Uniform is worn during Terms 1 and 4:
– black tartan skirt
– white short-sleeved overblouse, worn outside the skirt
– blazer
– black leather laced up shoes
– white ankle socks
– no tie
– St Mary’s College vest
– St Mary’s College cardigan
– Black Roman sandals


Winter Uniform:
Winter Uniform is worn during Terms 2 and 3:
– black tartan skirt
– white, long-sleeved overblouse, worn outside the skirt
– blazer
– St Mary’s College grey tie
– St Mary’s College vest, or long-sleeved black college jersey or cardigan
– black leather laced up shoes
– black tights or white ankle socks
– black college raincoat/parka in wet weather

Uniform Policy:

When travelling to and from College it is expected that the College blazer will be worn at all times, except in hot weather when the overblouse may be worn without the blazer or the overblouse with the vest.

At no time may the St Mary’s College long-sleeved jersey, be worn instead of the College blazer when travelling to and from the College.

Students are to wear the St Mary’s College rain-jacket only – no puffer jackets.

Plain, predominantly black, bags or satchels are required.

Hair should be of a single natural colour and worn in a simple, inexpensive hairstyle. If the hair is long it should be tied neatly back with a black or white ribbon or hairtie. Examples of hairstyles which are not permitted include, but are not limited to, dreadlocks, braids and hair extensions.

Jewellery – the only jewellery permitted is a wristwatch and a single silver, gold or pearl stud, worn one in the lower lobe of each ear. Religious or cultural symbols worn around the neck must be unseen.

Body piercings/tattoos – students are not permitted to have any visible body piercings or tattoos. Make-up and nail polish are not permitted.

Permission for variation to this Uniform Code must be sought from the Board of Trustees. Written submissions may be made on the basis of religious, cultural, ethnic or health considerations.