St Mary's College


Head of Department – Ms Marion Myers

Assistant Head of Department – Mrs Helen McClurg





Economics is a social science concerned with how people and groups use limited resources to produce goods and services to satisfy unlimited wants and needs. You can begin Economics at Year 10 where the course includes learning basic economic concepts, demand, personal financial management, decision making and enterprise studies. At Level One you will learn about market supply and demand and how the various sectors interact in the New Zealand economy. This is expanded in Level Two to the economy as a whole and the various issues faced by these sectors such as inflation, employment, economic growth and international trade. At Level Three you will gain an in-depth understanding of our economy and learn to apply critical economic analyses to explain contemporary issues in our economy.

Accounting is the language of business. It is a practical subject that equips you with the skills to prepare, understand and analyse financial information. You will learn how to process a set of accounts; prepare Income Statements, Statements of Financial Position, Cash Flow Statements and Budgets; and how to interpret the results for use in decision making.

At Level One the context is sole proprietor businesses and individuals/households. At Level Two, sole proprietors and at Level Three we look at partnerships and companies and include a unit on Management Accounting.

These subjects help you to understand business, the world about you and give you the skills to plan and manage your personal finances.