St Mary's College

Music Lessons

Here at SMC we have some great itinerant music teachers who teach a wide range of instruments.  High school is the ideal time to continue learning or start a new instrument.  Music and learning an instrument enhances confidence, self discipline, concentration, creativity, and presentation skills.  It is also a great way to get involved, make new friends and is an excellent recreational activity.

All lessons are held in the Music Department and run during the school day.  The lesson time will change/rotate each week so that the same school lesson is not missed.  Students need to keep up with regular class work to maintain a place in the instrumental tuition programme.  Priority is given to music option students, students who have been learning previously, and Y9 students, however, students of all year levels are encouraged to give it a try.  We also run a range of extracurricular music groups which will be starting up in the first few weeks of term.

Music lessons will be given to groups of students.  Group numbers depend on availability and the instrument being learnt.  Students involved in instrumental lessons must take part in extra curricular music groups.

For Y9, click here for more information and the lesson try out form:

For Y10 – 13 click here:

For more information come to the Music room or email