St Mary's College


Head of Department – Mrs Charmaine Izaz

Assistant HOD Mathematics – Mrs Rebekah Roberts


The Maths Department is made up of experienced Maths teachers who have a passion for Maths, teaching and learning. Within the Department we offer extension to our able students including the following: Maths Challenge for our junior students; the Eton Press Competition for senior students; the Australian Maths competition for all students wanting to enter across the school; and the Mathswell team competition. We also offer our able students the opportunity to enter into the Scholarship examinations for Statistics and Calculus in the senior school.

We run a Maths Clinic to offer help to all students who are struggling. Along with our able year 13 Maths students, we run the Maths Clinic once a week for any student needing help with their Maths, no matter what course they are studying in. There is a Numeracy course available for those who struggle with Maths in addition to some extra remedial help in the junior school for those who need it.

Our Year 9 students take part in a Maths project competition giving them an opportunity to explore another aspect of Maths, ie. looking at the creative side of Maths, Maths in the real world, Maths in careers, Maths in sports, making 3 dimensional shapes, Maths games… Students enjoy this and it’s great to see the range of projects that students hand in.

The Maths Department website can be accessed by going to:

SMC Maths