St Mary's College

Physical Education/Health

Head of Department – Ms Rhonda Turner





Physical Education aims to provide an extensive and broad range of activities. The anticipated goals are health and fitness, development of motor skills, an understanding of the value of physical activity, as well as interaction with others in a positive sporting environment.  An opportunity is provided for students to participate in as many sports and recreational pursuits as possible in order to encourage them to find an activity of interest that can be pursued.


Junior Physical Education

Junior students participate in Physical Education twice a week.

In Year 9, student learning focuses on individual skill development, working with others in a team environment, minor games and game play.   Students have two weeks of theory a term where they learn about the importance of physical activity, anatomy, and outdoor education. Students also participate in a Water Safety Day, learning water safety and survival tips.  The Health curriculum is taught in collaboration with the other subject areas of Food Technology, Religious Studies and Science.

Year 10 students continue to develop the above skills and knowledge.  They also have an outdoor education experience during term four where they are encouraged to participate in a challenging but rewarding environment.

Swimming sports2

Senior Physical Education

In Year 11, students focus on a variety of achievement standards.  They have the opportunity to learn leadership skills and apply them in a practical situation.  Basic anatomy and biomechanics is learned and applied to analyse a sport.  Students also have the opportunity to demonstrate their self-management skills, practical skills and strategies to learn in a variety of sporting contexts.

In Year 12, students are able to utilise their knowledge gained from prior study to develop their understanding of training methods and principles of training in application to their own participation of sport.  Students also have the opportunity to gain leadership skills through teaching local primary school children.

In Year 13, student further develop lifetime skills.  All students are required to develop a training programme for themselves and others and then complete it. The development of analytical and evaluative skills is emphasised through Multi-Sport and Badminton Achievement Standards.  Within the credits offered there is also an opportunity for students to apply their knowledge towards training others.

Senior Physical Education also offers an alternative PE course.  This is a practical and theory based programme with an aim for students to achieve Level 3.  The course includes unit standards and focuses on leadership through teaching Year 9 or Primary School students.  It is a progressive course that starts with Adventure Based Learning (ABL) and works through to coaching.  This programme is both challenging and rewarding in preparing students for all walks of life.