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Head of Department – Mr Trevor Keough

Assistant HOD – Mr Mike Cotsilinis

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There is no doubt that the role of science in modern society is changing. It is very different to that of a generation ago. Increasingly the challenges we face as a community – be it at the global level such as dealing with climate change or at the local level such as the problems of an ageing population, of environmental degradation, or of enhancing our economic productivity through science and innovation – all depend on science.

Science is all around us. It is in our smartphones; it runs the internet; it is in our food; without science your house would fall down and you would not have the clothes you wear. Every time you ask a question about why is something like that or how does this work, you are being a scientist.


So What is Science?

From the New Zealand Curriculum “In science students explore how both the natural physical world and science itself work so that they can participate as critical, informed, and responsible citizens in a society in which science plays a significant role.”

In Years 9 and 10, you will begin to explore this question. For some of you it will become a life long passion; for others it will be a passing interest. But by the end of Year 10 you will all have the basic skills to begin to understand the universe around you.

In Year 11 there are two course options for students, Senior Science and Me, Myself and Science. Both are Level 1 NCEA courses and offer approximately 16 – 18 credits.

At the senior level, Science splits into Biology, Chemistry and Physics where our fabulous team of enthusiastic teachers explore the Nature of Science and unravel the mysteries of everyday objects.