St Mary's College


Digital Technologies, Material Technology,
Integrated Technology, Home Economics


Head of Department – Ms Luiza Rigutto

Assistant HOD – Ms Jocelyn Syme


Technology IS the way for our future! It is

  • innovative and creative
  • dedicated to solving real problems
  • gives you useful skills and knowledge
  • offers a great range of career opportunities
  • prepares you for living in a technological world.

Technology is compulsory in Years 9 and 10, and gives students the capability to transform energy, information and materials creatively. Technology-related options offered at St Mary’s College from Year 9 -13 include Digital Technologies, Materials Technology and Home Economics. Integrated Technology is offered at Year 10 only with wide ranging projects combining different aspects of Technology-related subjects.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) will be introduced from 2016, beginning with Year 9 across all learning areas, including Technology.


Digital Technologies

Courses in Digital Technologies offer the development of knowledge and skills using a wide range of exciting computing technologies. The courses are designed to ignite a passion for information technology, digital media and computer science; to lead students into a rewarding and fulfilling future.

Our general objectives are to:

  • make our learning contextual and relevant
  • provide learning from as broad as possible range of digital technology areas
  • provide knowledge and skills to students that facilitate pathways into digital technology related tertiary study and careers.

All courses are planned around the Technology Curriculum learning objectives.


Material Technology

Materials Technology is a creative subject where students follow the design and brief development process to develop innovative products. There is a focus on developing design skills to build a portfolio of work and learning practical skills to complete individual projects. Students will be able to directly apply many of the skills they learn in Materials Technology, to a range of careers.



Integrated Technology

Integrated Technology blends many aspects of Technology into innovative and creative projects. Students work in groups and individually to follow the design and brief development process to develop their ideas into working prototypes.Topics covered are graphic design, screen printing, wearable art and animation.

Food tech2

Home Economics

The skills, knowledge and understanding developed through studying Home Economics are important in today’s society, where:

  • many people rely on ready-made meals;
  • obesity is an increasing problem; and
  • diet-related illness is prevalent.

It is an academic and practical subject that promotes and enhances the well-being of individuals, families and communities through understanding food choice, nutritional health, consumer issues and relationships. Values, knowledge and competencies are developed to live full and satisfying lives.