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14 Mar
13 Mar

PTFA Notices


New Treasurer needed: Our fantastic Treasurer is moving on now that her daughter has left the school. If you are able to assist the PTFA in this capacity please let us know urgently at;

Any parents/friends or family interested in participating on the committee, or wanting to meet us to discover what we do are welcome to come along. We are always keen to hear new ideas and to receive feedback to help us do the best we can for the students.

Draft PTFA Event Calendar 2018

 Each year the PTFA has two goals. Firstly, to raise money for the school and secondly, to provide opportunities for families and friends of the school to gather as a community.

 We are finalising dates for our significant events over the next month and will let you know once the dates are set.

March:  Fundraiser
             Donation scheme request sent out

March- August:  Fundraiser
                          Entertainment Book available to purchase

Mid June:  Community Event
Parent/Daughter Breakfast at Parliament

August/September:  Major Fundraiser and Community Event

December:  Fundraiser
                   Parking for the Thorndon Fair

How can you help the PTFA to help the school?

  • We are looking for an inspirational speaker for our Breakfast at Parliament this year – let us know if you have a contact that might be of use.
  • We are developing a database of contacts that might be useful for sponsorship and donations for our raffles and auctions. If you think you can help or know someone that might fit into this category, please contact us at:
  • Like our Facebook page We’ll keep it up-to-date with information about upcoming events.
  • Join the PTFA as a committee member, or a helper (to be called upon to help with events).
  • Support our Hill’s Angels initiative. This is a small group of people that provide meals to be distributed to School families in times of challenge. It’s a way of providing support and care to our community.
  • Come along to fundraising events and bring your friends!

We look forward to opportunities to meet with you at events during the year. We will do our very best to ensure we keep you up to date with what we have planned. Upcoming events and information can be found on our Facebook page or on the school website. Please make sure to ‘Like’ our page.

27 Feb

Loving Vincent

Year 12/13 Art History Field trip
Penthouse Cinema, Brooklyn

On Friday, February 16, we went on our first Art History Field trip to see the film Loving Vincent, the first ever entirely oil-painted animation feature film. Set 12 months after the death of Vincent van Gogh, it tells the story of the life, death and artistic legacy.

The painterly brushwork made the animation come alive and many of the works of Van Gogh were recognisable throughout. It was a really good way to get new students of Art History into the spirit of the subject.

Ms Waldren
Art History Teacher

25 Feb

Athletics Cancelled – Monday 26 February 2018

Athletics Day is Cancelled. 

Due to poor weather conditions forecast for tomorrow (Monday 26 February 2018), Athletics is cancelled.
Please ensure your daughter comes to school as usual tomorrow.
The Senior Leadership Team will explore options for an alternative event at a later date.

Thank you 
The Senior Leadership Team

20 Feb

Cyclone Gita – Update 20 February

It looks as if we have escaped the worst of Gita’s rain today but the winds are forecast to be terrible overnight.   Obviously this could have a serious impact on transport and  power.
We will be monitoring from 6.30am and will post any changes as soon as we know what is happening.
Again if we are open, and you decide it’s not safe for your daughter to come to school, Please contact our absence line by phoning 04 473 5554 dail 1 and leave a message or email
These absences will be deemed to be Justified.
We have had most students here today and there have been no issues, but we are watching carefully for any changes.
Thank you
Helen Hardwick
Acting Principal
19 Feb

Cyclone Gita

Cyclone Gita
As you are probably all aware, the remains of Cyclone Gita, which recently hit Tonga and Samoa, is heading towards New Zealand.
The current forecast suggest that we could feel the impact of this as early as Tuesday morning with high winds and very heavy rain at times.
At this stage we are expecting the school to be operating as normal tomorrow, but we suggest you listen to radio reports and go on line to and judge for yourself whether it is safe for your daughter to be at school or not. The  issue is likely to be around public transport – especially if there are slips which mean buses or trains can’t operate.
We will update the school’s website page from 6am onwards (or earlier if we find out more) if the situation changes. In the meantime please use your discretion about what the best course of action is for your daughter, considering where you live and the conditions in your area.
12 Feb

Acting Principal’s Message

Welcome to the new term. As you probably heard, our Principal Mrs Ryan is unwell and will be on sick leave for the term.  She is in our thoughts and prayers as she recuperates.  On Friday 9 February we held our Leadership Mass.

We acknowledged some of our student leaders – specifically our student Leadership Team, Level Leaders and House Captains

Level Leaders for 2018:
Year 9 – Elisapeta Aaifou-Aloisio & Tanisha Ramji
Year 10 – Lillian Woodbury & Kennedy Payne
Year 11 – Hannah McGinty & Lizzie Atonio
Year 12 – Josephine Paxie & Sydnie Williams
Year 13 – Tiffany Jacobs & Bri Mitchell

House Captains:
Maria – Juvael Salu
Joan – Yvonne Atonio
Teresa – Taliah Sulupo
Bernadette – Decima Schmidt
Catherine – Amour Kennach
Anne – Evie Henderson

At the end of last year, we introduced a new leadership role – Deputy Head Girl House. We identified a need to revamp our House events to support our vision of sisterhood, teamwork and a sense of belonging. With this new position came a change to the selection process – this year we put the student vote alongside the vote from the staff leadership team.
The challenge for our House Captains and Deputies is to help create a House system that encourages sisterhood, team-work and a sense of belonging. A House system we can be proud of.

Student Leadership Team:

Head Girl
Lynette Sosefo
Deputy Head Girl Special Character
Caitlin Ramoo
Deputy Head Girl House
Bea Jayme
Deputy Head Girl Arts
Zoe Simpson
Deputy Head Girl Sport
Ainsleyana Pulieata
Deputy Head Girl Culture
Laina Semu
Deputy Head Girl Level Leaders
Ebony Hodge


Last week Yr13 were on a 3 day Leadership camp.  On the first evening we learnt the school Haka.  Leading this was a former St Mary’s student and a former St Mary’s teacher. We are grateful to them for their support

Mā te tuakana ka tōtika te teina, mā te teina ka tōtika te tuakana

(From the older, the younger learns how to do it, from the younger,  the older learns how to be tolerant/everyone has responsibilities, both the old and the young)

Finally, I would like to thank you all for your ongoing support of our College and look forward to meeting more of our new whanau and reconnecting with current whanau

Nga mihi nui
Helen Hardwick

8 Feb

Music Lessons 2018

Here at SMC, we have some great itinerant music teachers who teach a wide range of instruments.  High school is the ideal time to continue learning or start a new instrument.  Music and learning an instrument enhances confidence, self discipline, concentration, creativity, and presentation skills.  It is also a great way to get involved, make new friends and is an excellent recreational activity.

 All lessons are held in the Music Department and run during the school day.  Priority is given to music option students, students who have been learning previously, and Y9 students, however, students of all year levels are encouraged to give it a try.  We also run a range of extracurricular music groups which will be starting up in the first few weeks of term.

 For Y9, click here for more information and the lesson try out form:

For Y10 – 13 click here:

For more information come to the Music room or email

Emina Steedman
HOD Music

1 Dec
30 Nov

Train Strike – Friday 1 December

Metlink advise that on Friday 1 December no Metlink train services will be running in Wellington – however, St Mary’s College will be open for usual teaching and learning and all Y9 and Y10 students, and senior students sitting NCEA external examinations are expected to be at school 

If your daughter has an examination which may be affected by these train cancellations please help her to make alternative arrangements to ensure she gets to her examinations on time. If there is still a problem – please contact our deputy principal Ms Helen Hardwick.

For alternative travel information please see below;

Bus timetables – (external link)
Walking & Biking – (external link)
Car-Pool –          link)
Smart Travel – link)

Dr Peter Sanders
Assistant Principal

30 Nov