​​​​​​​Badminton is played on both competitive and recreational levels for all year groups.  Teams are made up of 5-6 members of whom at least 4 students must attend every fixture.  Students wishing to play recreationally may select their own teams of up to 8 players to avoid defaults.

Junior teams – Thursday lunchtime in school gym
Senior teams – Friday lunchtime in school gym

Juniors (Years 9-10) play every Thursday between 4-6pm from May-August
Seniors (Years 11-13) play every Friday between 4-6pm from May-August
The Premier team is selected to compete in Annual Sport Exchanges (Mercy Tournament and Sacred Heart College Exchange)

Important dates 2018:
27th June  – CSW Junior Singles Championships held at Badminton Hall (Hataitai)
4th July  – CSW Open Singles Championships held at Badminton Hall (Hataitai)
9th August – CSW Junior Badminton Team Finals (Naenae)
17th August – CSW Senior Badminton Team Finals (Hataitai)

Games are played at Colleges in the Wellington area (not in the Hutt Valley or Porirua areas) and Badminton Hall in Hataitai.

PE uniform, white socks and non-marking sports shoes.  Premier Senior/Junior teams are allocated playing uniform which will be issued at the start of the season.

Players that are registered to play Badminton are required to have their own Badminton racquet (the school does not provide these).  Shuttles will be supplied.

$ 40.00 per student

Plus additional costs for Championship entry fees and exchange costs as they arise.