St Mary's College

Careers Guidance

The Careers Guidance Team are here to help students make important decisions about their future. They provide:

  • Career information
  • Subject choice advice
  • Gateway Programme
  • Work experience
  • Help with Curriculum Vitae preparation


Gateway provides long term structured workplace learning for senior students. It is funded by the Tertiary Education Commission. Students likely to participate are those interested in a particular career in a specific industry, or those students who wish to collect a wider range of skills than can be provided at College.

Local businesses are asked to provide a placement. Learning will focus on Industry Specific Unit Standards, so that the student may take a meaningful pathway to a career in that industry.  Students attend their work placement for one day a week for the school year and are given the opportunity to “trial” their career choice.


Students in Years 11 to 13 take Transition as a subject. The aim of this course is to provide students with more than just academic learning, and equip them for life beyond College.  There are several modules provided that are accessed to gain credits, certificates or both, for example the “Tots to Toddlers” unit which gives students the opportunity to gain 2 credits and a Plunket Certificate.